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Xochi Quetzal

Location: Lake Chapala, Mexico
This Summer and Fall you can get away from the the pressures of every day life to finish a manuscript, prepare for a show, collect your thoughts, or plan your next body of work.

Located on Lake Chapala, nestled in a ring of mountains with colorful fishing villages strung like pearls along the north shore, a slower pace of life awaits you.

Reserve a private studio apartment where you can enjoy our gorgeous scenery and focus on your creative projects.

These 2021 Residency spaces are ready for you:

Middle Casita: June 18 – 30, July 2 – 30, Aug 2 – 30, Sept 2 – 30, Oct 2 – 30

Upper Casita: May 17 – 30, Dec 3 – 30

Rates, descriptions & pictures: