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Do You Have a New Book Out in 2020?

Art Taylor’s new collection of mystery shorts came out in February

While everyone is suffering in their own private way during this pandemic, our hearts go out to those authors who have or who are scheduled to publish books this year.

Amid the wreckage of cancelled travel plans; shifting pub dates; and economic uncertainty, it’s a challenging time to be promoting one’s new work—something that is hard enough for most authors to do under the rosiest of conditions.

The North Carolina Writers’ Network would like to begin compiling a list of authors who published or will publish books in 2020.

We’d like to encourage you, as readers first and foremost, to refer to this list the next time you’re looking for something to read, or the next time you’re looking for a book to give as a gift.

(We’d also like to encourage you to buy books from your local independent bookstore.)

Buy a book or three from the list. Read the books. Leave reviews everywhere you can—Amazon, Goodreads, social media. Tell all your friends and family. It’ll make a nice break from talking about the Coronavirus.

If one of the authors is hosting an online event, make a point of jumping online to tell them how much you enjoyed it.

Once we have the beginnings of a solid list, we’ll share it through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and here on our blog. We’ll update it throughout the rest of this year.

Are you an author with a book out in 2020? Let us know! Please e-mail

These are trying days. But communities across the world have rallied around one another, to offer support and to forge a new way forward.

Let’s throw our arms around those authors with a new book out this year, and uplift.