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A Music for the Prose Trifecta

At the North Carolina Writers’ Network, we live to help writers improve their craft, find outlets for their work, and promote those works once they’re released into the world. So we couldn’t be happier to announce that all three writers chosen for the first-ever “Contemporary Series” produced by Music for the Prose are longtime friends of the Network!

Click here to listen to the following:

  • “The Call” by Robert Golden
  • “The Girls” by Robert Rubin
  • “Dance Interrupted” by Dana Stone

Each production is paired with a short segment that provides background on the chosen piece.

In Music for the Prose, poetry or prose is read aloud over an improvised musical score. Originally, the series focused on classical works by Shakespeare and canonical poets such as Walt Whitman. The “Contemporary Series” represents a new step for the podcast.

“I have listened to the podcast twice (more to come!) and am very impressed by the music and the dramatic interpretation,” wrote Robert Golden in an e-mail. “(The production) revealed qualities in the work that I was only dimly aware of, if that, and I thank you for the time and care you have taken with it.”

When Music for the Prose reached out to us late last year, we were happy to help spread the word about their new initiative. At that time, we asked off-hand if they ever considered accepting submissions from contemporary poets, and to let us know once they did.

This spring, Music for the Prose began accepting submissions for their Contemporary Poetry series, and we let folks know through our weekly Opportunities e-blasts and social media. That all three finalists have North Carolina ties is just icing on the cake.

And if we do so say ourselves, this is a perfect example of what the Network does best: connecting writers, steering those writers toward opportunities, and shouting their successes from the rooftops.

Congratulations to Robert, Robert, and Dana!