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A New Toast to the Old North State: Part II

One of our small groups—clearly made up entirely of overachievers—decided to write not merely one new stanza for North Carolina’s official state toast, but three stanzas.

Here they are (and yes, we gave all the contributors extra brownie points):

Here’s to the land of Wolfe and of Price
These authors who claimed the Pulitzer twice
Among the living we count Ron Rash
And now with his first novel, Wiley Cash

Here’s to the land where folks get tight
On backwoods moonshine run at night
The soft Southern ladies look so fine
Under the spell of mountain moonshine

Here’s to the land where the Kudzu grows
And covers more than poetry and prose
Here’s to the land of the big pine cone
Where the wooly adelgid turns hemlock to bones

(Written by Nancy Posey, Charles White)