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A Poetry Treasure Hunt for August

Do you like poetry? Do you enjoy a good scavenger hunt?

This August, Live Canon will host the 2017 Poetry Treasure Hunt. Here’s how it works.

Each day in August you get sent an e-mail. It introduces you to the work of a particular poet. There are some poems to read, links to a more extensive selection, and links to audio recordings and videos.

You are then asked to find the answer to a clue somewhere in the work of the poet.

At the end of the month, you need all the answers to find the final solution to the hunt.

You can take part from anywhere, as long as you can get online‐and if you get behind, you can catch up at your leisure.

Sound fun? The £8 Early-Bird Special ends today!

Buy “tickets” here.

Live Canon is an ensemble performing poetry (from memory) at theatres, festivals and events throughout the UK. They create poetry installations and digital projects, publish poetry, and work with young people to create, explore and enjoy poems. Their most-recent project, a film titled “On the Road to the Sea,” a collaboration with choreographer Will Tuckett and dancer Zenaida Yanowsky, exploring the place where poetry and dance meet.

Wherever you are, lounging on a deckchair by the pool, stuck in the office, or juggling the brood…you can inject more poetry into your August.

Just click here.