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New Outlet for Writers: A Room of One’s Own

This landed in our inbox recently and we wanted to share:

A Room of One’s Own is a brand new global feminist creative platform dedicated to publishing content written by women, for women.

All around the world, women write blogs that no one ever reads or poetry that they hide in their desk drawer because no one has told them they deserve to be heard. So, I started this platform as a means of connecting all the women who write into the void without expectation of being heard. I started this platform to remind others that their voices matter and that we each deserve a room of our own in which to write. As of our very first week as a platform, we have over 100 contributors. 100+ women who now have a safe space for their work.

And here’s the best news: they are looking for submissions! Not only are they seeking contributions from women, but also they strongly encourage contributions from trans and non-binary authors as well. And, pro tip: the founder is from North Carolina, “hoping to connect with readers and writers in North Carolina who want a fun way to express themselves during this stressful time.”

A Room of One’s Own supports female voices on all topics, including creative writing, opinion pieces, lifestyle blogging, book reviews… anything you want to write, really! They have over 250 contributors and counting.

Recent articles include “Staying Cute During Quarantine: Fun Ways to Look and Feel Your Best,” “Performative Success Doesn’t Mean I’m Okay,” and “Remote Learning Is Better.”

Check out the website here.

Check out the Facebook community here.

Sign up for a writer’s account here.

And if you need six good reasons to write for this platform, read this article…and then submit!