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A Whole Bunch of Stuff

As you may have heard, registration is now open for the 2008 NCWN Fall Conference, November 14 – 16.  So please register.

In other news, Victoria Strauss points out something writers need to be aware of.  (Yes, I know that’s a preposition at the end of that sentence.  That rule was borrowed from Latin and makes no natural, grammatical sense for English.)

This website offers a list of state writing associations, including the Network.

The North Carolina Literary Review has issued a call for submissions for their Drama issue.  The deadline is the end of September, so if you want to submit, please do so now.  The good folks at the NCLR would also like everyone to know about the Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming, September 26 – 27.

Novello Festival Press is still seeking submissions for its upcoming Sports in the Carolinas anthology, edited by yours truly.  We’re looking for personal stories about sports of all kinds, but we also need pieces about the biggies: Tobacco Road basketball, the Carolinas as a golf destination, the birth and rise of NASCAR, etc.

I also wanted to share this list of very serious questions regarding editors and other publishing professionals.

Have a good week.

– Ed