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NC Arts Council Hires New Theatre and Literature Director

Jeff Aguiar (Photo by Richard L. Hodges)

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Jeff Aguiar, the new Theatre and Literature Director at the North Carolina Arts Council!

Jeff has been a teaching and performing artist, educator, and administrator of nonprofit organizations and public institutions across the state…. His experience growing up as an Asian-American/Native Hawaiian cis-queer man in the American South has fundamentally shaped his belief in the power, purpose, and potential of the arts. His interest in community building and social justice informs his PhD research in Conflict Resolution Studies (ABD, Nova Southeastern University), which has led him to examine critical issues in peacebuilding, peace education, and arts-based approaches to community development.

The Theatre and Literature Director promotes writers, literary organizations, theatre artists, and theatre organizations through programs, resources, technical assistance, and partnerships. This position administers grant funds to literary and theatre organizations, along with fellowships and residency programs for individual artists; provides a range of consultation and programmatic services to literary and theater constituents, including but not limited to providing professional development workshops, organizing roundtables, and setting up readings for Fellowship recipients; and assists with the state Poet Laureate selection process and provides support to the Poet Laureate appointed by the Governor, as needed.

For more about Jeff Aguiar, visit his website,

The North Carolina Arts Council builds on our state’s long-standing love of the arts, leading the way to a more vibrant future. The Arts Council is an economic catalyst, fueling a thriving nonprofit creative sector that generates $2.12 billion in annual direct economic activity. The Arts Council also sustains diverse arts expression and traditions while investing in innovative approaches to art-making. The North Carolina Arts Council has proven to be a champion for youth by cultivating tomorrow’s creative citizens through arts education.

Welcome, Jeff!