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Emergency Assistance for NC Writers

With parts of I-40 and I-95 still closed and plenty of inland cities in North Carolina still feeling the effects of Hurricane Florence, we were glad to get an e-mail last week from Isabel Howe, the Executive Director of The Authors League Fund.

The Authors League Fund “provides emergency assistance to professional writers facing unexpected financial crises. [They] give direct assistance to pay for pressing needs, whether rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries, medical expenses, or other necessities.”

The application only requires two simple pages, and the turnaround time is usually less than two weeks.

CLICK HERE to apply for relief.

The Authors League Fund also maintains an extensive resource list that includes organizations that support writers as well as crisis advice for the general public.

“Note that PEN, The Haven Foundation, the ASJA, the Dramatists Guild Fund, and Poets in Need might also be essential resources for writers in your area right now,” says Ms. Howe. “The resource list will be especially helpful for self-published or emerging writers who do not qualify for our assistance.”

For more information, visit or find them on Facebook.