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An Apology and an Addendum

If you have not already, you will soon receive the latest issue of the Writers’ Network News, the newsletter of the North Carolina Writers’ Network.

If you have not already read all the way through it, looking for one vital piece of information, let me save you some trouble (and possible worry that your eyesight’s failing): no, the venue for the 2012 Fall Conference is not in there with all the other Fall Conference information.

The 2012 Fall Conference will be November 2 – 4 at the Embassy Suites on 201 Harrison Oaks Boulevard in Cary.  How we forgot to include this little tidbit, and how we failed to notice its absence during the three rounds of proofing and editing, is beyond me.

Please accept my apologies for this error, and please take note of this addendum to the newsletter.  We look forward to seeing everyone in Cary, November 2 – 4.  At the Embassy Suites, 201 Harrison Oaks Boulevard, to be exact.