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Anne Clinard Barnhill Featured in Today’s “Shelf Awareness”

Today’s Shelf Awareness e-newsletter features an interview with author and NCWN member Anne Clinard Barnhill, who’s on tour right now promoting her new book, At the Mercy of the Queen (St. Martin’s, 2012). Author Diane Chamberlain interviewed Barnhill about her favorite independent bookstores.

“I love bookstores,” said Anne. “Always have, always will. There is nothing more exciting than wandering in, gazing at the colorful books arrayed in the front window and on the tables, looking at posters or photographs of my favorite writers adorning the walls. When my children were young, they became adept at luring me into a bookstore because they knew I could not refuse to buy them a book. Toys, I could turn down; candy, a definite NO. But a book–I’ve always been a sucker for a book.

“Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of visiting several bookstores across North Carolina. I love the different personalities I’ve discovered in each one–I even love the sameness of the big chains like Barnes & Nobles. But I confess, it is the indie bookstores that really captivate me.”

Read the full interview here.