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Arts in NC Needs Your Help by Thursday

From our friends at ARTS North Carolina:

We have good news and bad news about the state budget.

THE GOOD NEWS: the NC House of Representatives included a $500,000 increase for Grassroots Arts funding as allocated by the North Carolina Arts Council.

THE BAD NEWS: the Senate budget did not concur.

Therefore, arts funding will be an issue in the Conference process. The game could go either way. It depends on what you are willing to do.

Our goals are simple. Encourage the leaders in the House to hold their position and encourage the Senate to concur with the House. Representative Donny Lambeth of Forsyth County holds a very important position in the upcoming Conference process.

Please take action by NOON on THURSDAY:

If you know Representative Donny Lambeth personally:

  • Please place a telephone call and talk to the Legislative Assistant or leave your name on their message machine.
  • Number: (919)-733-5747

If you do NOT know Representative Donny Lambeth personally,

  • Please drop a short, hard copy letter in the mail by noon on Thursday.


300 N. Salisbury Street, Room 303, Raleigh, NC 27603-5925

  • Make the letters short but personal, such as:

I am asking that you hold firm to the House recommendation of a $500,000 increase for Grassroots Arts as allocated by the North Carolina Arts Council (or to your Senator concur with the House recommendation of a $500,000 increase for Grassroots Arts as allocated by the North Carolina Arts Council). Over 650 organizations in all 100 counties will benefit and 3.5 million citizens will be served by this remarkably efficient grant program. In our county, we will see significant increases in our funding to arts in education, artist residencies, festivals, etc. Thank you for your dedicated service to the citizens of North Carolina.

And please copy Arts NC at if you receive a response.

What’s at stake?

A resounding response to this Call to Action could have a major impact on the arts where you live. Forsyth County currently receives $76,719 in Grassroots Arts funding. The $500,000 increase would bring that amount to $92,352.

The work on the budget will likely begin in earnest on Thursday. Do not delay in taking action!

Thank you, advocate!

Karen Wells
Executive Director