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When You’re Ready to Stop Talking About It and Actually Write that Book….

Depending on where they are on the path to (and beyond) publication, authors need different types of support. One author may still be in the process of hammering out their final draft and need a critical eye to make that manuscript the best it can be. Another author may have already taken their book to market, in which case, they’ll need a battalion of PR support.

Enter Authors Talk About It, a full-service author resource center to help writers pen their best books and get those books into readers’ hands.

It’s simply not possible to effectively edit our own writing—we’re just too close to it. So Authors Talk About It offers editing services that include:

  • Tracked changes
  • Comments throughout the manuscript
  • A second-look AFTER you make the suggested edits, or not!

In addition, authors who use these services get 50 percent off another round of edits within 30 days.

For those already with a book out in the world—and on sale now!—Authors Talk About It offers a deep Marketing Library with downloadable video and workbook tutorials to help the published author move widgets. From “Increase Your Chances of Becoming an Award Winning Author” to “Build Your Badass Bio & Create a Powerful Short Bio,” access to this treasure trove is currently on sale for less than $100…but brings $800 value.

Other features of the site include Resources for Authors (check out the link to NCWN contests!); contests for Book Blurbs and Book Covers; and more.

The Authors Talk About It Book Award Contest is open now through August 31, 2018. There are really too many packages and tiers of prizes to do justice to on this blog, so just take our word for it and check it out here!

Visit their website at or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.