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Consider the Emerging Writers Resistance Campaign


Wilmington-based Athenian Press & Workshops launched earlier this year with the purpose of cultivating a supportive, creative space for female, trans, and gender nonconforming writers and writers of color.

To these ends, they host workshops and webinars; run a pretty killer bookstore; and will soon launch a press to publish “books and anthologies by authors whose works desperately need to be told—mainly, those targeted for their race, gender, sexuality, and/or (dis)ability who are told that their stories are unmarketable.”

They’re hoping to raise $7,000 by July 10 for their Emerging Writers Resistance Campaign.

Donations will:

  • Help Athenian Press celebrate voices of women, femmes, people of color, trans, and gender variant writers by funding their visit to Athenian and allowing them to connect with our community.
  • Allow Athenian Press to provide quality creative counseling at no cost to our members.
  • Allow Athenian Press to (1) develop and maintain the resource center and (2) host a variety of events lead by successful publishing professionals, who will share their knowledge with the next generation of writers, editors, etc.
  • Assist with production of programs and workshops to serve Athenian Press members.
  • Help Athenian Press provide scholarships for those unable to afford workshops tickets.
  • Provide the funding to visit classrooms in underprivileged areas of the Southeast.

As of this posting, they’re a little more than 10 percent of the way toward their goal!

Donate here.

Short on funds? Athenian Press also welcomes contributions from volunteers: opportunities abound.

Visit their website at or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.