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Tangled Up in Blue Crow Publishing

It’s immediately clear, upon visiting the website for Blue Crow Publishing, that these are people who love books.

You would think that a passion for all things literary would go without saying, but few publishers seem to show the unbridled enthusiasm and the heart-pounding, unconditional romantic feelings these editors have for the printed word.

Blue Crow Publishing always tries to deliver on five principle statements of belief that ultimately have the authors’ best interests in mind. These include:

  • Authors should be treated with honesty and respect
  • Books should be beautiful and of high quality
  • Great writing is not limited by genre
  • The best books are sometimes overlooked by publishers
  • All authors deserve a voice, especially those whose writing the publishing world has so often turned its back on

To these ends, Blue Crow Publishing carries three imprints:

Authors include Lauren Falkenberry (The Bayou Sabine Series), Katie Rose Guest Pryal (The Hollywood Lights Series), and Avery Laval (Sin City Tycoons).

Blue Crow authors are frequently interviewed on blogs, including popular sounding boards run by Emily Colin and USA Today. For the full news round-up, click here.

Impressively, they accept submissions all year ’round—a rare practice these days, indeed. However, Blue Crow Books and Goldenjay Books are accepting submissions right now through referral only; Raven Books is open to unsolicited manuscripts.

Visit Blue Crow Publishing on the web at or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.