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Bookmarks’ Silent Auction

“I should have gone that extra dollar…” © Nicole Stockburger

Something in a person loves a silent auction. A silent auction awakens the American Picker in all of us. Who doesn’t love browsing discounted items, appraising, shrewdly scanning for the best deal? And there’s the competitive component as well, as we outbid the person who outbid us and then wait for their inevitable re-bid, wondering who will blink first. (Not to mention the illicit thrill of doing it all anonymously.) A silent auction lets you dream a little, just like a lottery ticket.

And when the silent auction benefits a literary organization like Bookmarks, all the better!

Bookmarks, based in Winston-Salem, is hosting a silent auction and raffle through September 26. A Challenge matching grant of $15,000 has been made by The Lovett Foundation and Adrienne Amos Livengood, so every dollar donated will be matched up to $15K. There are over 70 items to be auctioned, and there is no fee to register.

For more details, click here.

You can bid on an exciting array of items, including luxury vacations, gift baskets, and one heckuva deal on a one-year membership to the North Carolina Writers’ Network!

Silent auction items include opportunities donated by authors and illustrators including: Megan Bryant, Charlie Lovett, Stacy McAnulty, Sarah McCoy, Kyle Webster, and Jacinta White, as well as Bookmarks, the North Carolina Writers’ Network, and Press 53.

The Bookmarks Classified “Date-with-a-Book” Raffle will allow participants to choose from over 20 titles for a hardcover new book by reading the ad. The classifieds will have an intriguing description of the mystery book for “date night,” and each raffle ticket purchased for $40 will allow the participant their chosen book and one entry for 20 prizes, ranging from gift cards and bottles of Raffaldini wine to the grand prize of a $500 gift card to Bookmarks. New classifieds will be added regularly over the two-week period with a grand reveal of all book titles on Friday, September 25.

In support of these fundraising efforts, Bookmarks is hosting many virtual events. For the full line-up, click here.

Get those bids in!