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A Shave and a Haircut…and Storytime

Where I grew up,  there was a laundrymat that also was a rock club, so you could do your laundry, drink a Hudepohl, and take in a live local musical act, all at the same time.

(Sadly, Sudsy Malone’s—revered by rockers who came of age then—closed in 2008 after a 20-plus year run. RIP!)

Businesses do this all the time, of course, perhaps the trendiest current example being the slew of businesses offering “Goats and [Fill in the Blank].”

Barbershops often spin themselves as places not only to get a haircut but also to drink a craft beer, watch sports, enjoy a traditional shave as part of a bachelor party, and more. They’ve always been community hubs.

So it seems natural that Prince Cuts Barbershop in Lexington, Kentucky, has launched a wildly successful “Books and Barbers” program. Kids in Kindergarten through 6th Grade can come in for a haircut and pick out a book they want to read to the barber. Children get to keep the book, and the barbershop will give them three dollars and a sticker on their way out.

This provides male role models for kids who may not have positive influences, and perhaps more importantly, puts books into children’s hands, the overwhelming benefits of which have been long-studied.

I hesitate to mention this to you legion of bibliophiles, who, if you’re like me, are always looking for somewhere to donate books, but yes, Prince Cuts Barbershop is in need of donations: Simon Vanderpool, 606-304-1173.