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Build Your Online Home

An important aspect of any author marketing strategy is to build an attractive and easy-to-navigate author website that is easily discoverable through the major search engines. An author website is a writer’s online business card. It’s where you want everyone to go when you want them to learn more about you—and buy your book(s)!

My Author Home is one online service that offers website hosting for authors. They let writers take control of their brands while offering full support and promotional services. After all, writing isn’t just your hobby—it’s your business!

Their URL is:

Tiered membership options allow authors to choose what features they’d like to include on their sites, as well as how much paid advertising. My Author Home includes each site in their member directory; offers free business cards and promotional bookmarks; and features websites in their newsletters and through social media.

They also offer a few free downloadable resources, including a list of promotional opportunities for authors and a promotional checklist.

Got questions? Visit their FAQ page.