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Hillsborough’s Burwell School Needs Your Help

From our friends at The Burwell School Historic Site, which hosts many historical and literary programs throughout the year:

Dear friends,

The Burwell School needs your help.

For over 50 years the Burwell School Historic Site, owned and maintained by the Historic Hillsborough Commission, has been a part of our community’s heritage and a living cultural center. Perhaps you have attended our annual Spring Auctions, enjoyed one of our History Teas, or thrilled at a stargazing event on the Burwell lawn. Over the years our site has welcomed hundreds of schoolchildren and visitors from far and near and carried out important programs, bringing to life the stories of the Burwells, their girls’ academy, Elizabeth Keckly, and many others.

However, a recent event has threatened the viability of our site, and we are asking for your help. A criminal case is underway against a former employee related to a serious financial loss. As a result we have had to eliminate paid staff positions and postpone repairs and improvements to the property. Fortunately, many have stepped forward to volunteer time and financial support. Additionally, the Hillsborough Tourism Board has continued its support and voiced its confidence in the Commission. Thanks to more than 3,000 hours of donated time and effort from our members, our Burwell Volunteers, and our former Executive Director, we’ve kept the Burwell School open.

This year has been very difficult, but the rebuilding is underway — and we seek your help to keep it going.

We have a 2020 fundraising goal of $50,000 to restore our normal operations and to maintain the Burwell site. Here’s how you can help:

The Burwell School is nearing its bicentennial year, and we hope to be able to honor that milestone restored and rebuilt. As we recover we would be very grateful for your interest and support.


The Historic Hillsborough Commission
Brooks Graebner, Chair
Bartow Culp, Vice Chair
Brenda Stephens, Treasurer
Virginia Ferguson, Secretary