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Every Sassy Cat Needs Coddling

Only 1 in 3,000 calico cats are male, and of these, most are sterile. Considered lucky by Japanese sailors, who believed calicos protected them from angry storms and sea monsters, calico cats are overwhelmingly female, independent, sassy—and affectionate. Also, they always appreciate a good pampering.

Calico Paw Books & Gifts in Henderson, which opened in April of this year, has positioned itself as “a mini bookery and spa shoppe for the well-read and pampered woman.” Guys, you can come in too, but from hand-poured candles to stamp cards to author events by writers of YA and upmarket women’s fiction, this store’s focus is on the girls.

They’re looking for local authors to hold events. Interested? Reach out to them on their author contact page.

Reviews on Facebook have complimented the customer service. A nice little “surprise” in the heart of downtown, Calico Paw Books & Gifts is a defiantly local establishment whose focus is on “self-love,” customer satisfaction, and ensuring the quality of their book selection and other products by working with and through trusted distributors.

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Final note on calicos: in Irish folklore, they’re said to cure warts!

Please note, this store is located in Henderson, north of Raleigh, not in Western North Carolina!