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The latest from Arts North Carolina:

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On Tuesday the Senate Appropriations Committee on General Government and Information Technology will begin meeting and will consider funding to the North Carolina Arts Council. It is expected that the Senate will have a budget within the next three weeks. Immediate action is required to communicate the arts agenda to Senators on General Government and Base Appropriations no later than Thursday noon. This Call is being sent only to advocates in counties of Senators who serve on either of these two Committees; your action is especially critical.

Even if you have communicated with Senators before this Call, it is imperative that everyone respond with the arts agenda request and new talking points before Thursday noon.

The House budget calls for 15% reductions to the grants programs of the North Carolina Arts Council. As the Senate begins their budget process, we ask that no more than 10% reductions be taken. The House recommendation puts the per capita expenditures on grants and programs of the North Carolina Arts Council at .58 or below 2005-06 levels.

Senators must hear from constituents in their districts about the importance of arts funding to the economic recovery of North Carolina. Select the Take Action option and you will be sent to an electronic program that provides Talking Points and access to your Senator’s email. The entire process should take no longer than 2 minutes. Take Action NOW.