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Call to Action: Tax Reform

ARTS NCFrom our friends at ARTS North Carolina:

On Tuesday, October 8, the Revenue Laws Study Committee will meet to discuss and clarify certain issues affecting arts and history nonprofits in the Tax Reform Act. Please TAKE ACTION no later than Monday, October 7, by calling or writing the members of the Revenue Laws Study Committee.

Forward this blog post by copying and pasting into an e-mail. Impress on your representatives that your voice must be heard. WE MUST HAVE A LITERAL GROUND SWELL OF RESPONSE TO AFFECT CHANGE!!!!!! Every communication matters. You may call their office and leave a message, send an email, or contact your Member at home during the weekend of October 4 – 6.

Email Subject Line: Revenue Laws Meeting

Salutation: Dear Members of Revenue Laws

Opening Sentence: I am greatly concerned about the sales tax on admissions to entertainments slated to be levied on arts and history nonprofit organizations beginning January 1, 2014. Please reconsider this decision or at the very least, delay the implementation until additional study can be completed.

Talking Points: (vary the order, include one or all, restate to avoid “form” letter)

  • The amount of revenue generated by a sales tax on arts and history nonprofits, estimated between one and two million, will not balance the onerous administrative costs of implementing the policy, estimated by the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits at eight million sector wide in the first year. We respectfully ask that Revenue Laws Study Committee request current data to compare impact on the arts and history nonprofit sector in North Carolina against the revenue benefits to the state.
  • Collecting and reverting sales tax would place an enormous burden on nonprofits still recovering from the worst economic crisis in their history.
  • The sales tax policy would in effect make tax collectors out of entities not created to perform that purpose.
  • Sales tax collection would place an egregious burden on volunteer organizations.
  • The sales tax would require that students be charged tax for their field trip admissions.
  • The January implementation date does not allow adequate time for planning and budgeting of the increased administration of the policy.

Revenue Laws Study Committee:

Representative Julia Howard: / 919-733-5904

Senator Bill Rabon: / 919-733-5963

Representative Kelly Alexander: / 919-733-5778

Representative John Blust: / 919-733-5781

Representative Bill Brawley: / 919-733-5800

Representative Becky Carney: / 919-733-5827

Representative David Lewis: / 919-715-3015

Representative Tim Moffitt: / 919-715-3012

Representative Mitchell Setzer: / 919-733-4948

Representative John Szoka: / 919-733-9892

Representative Ken Waddell: / 919-733-5821

Senator Tamara Barringer:
/ 919 733-5653
Senator Peter Brunstetter: / 919 733-7850

Senator Ben Clark: / 919 733-9349

Senator Dan Clodfelter: / 919 715-8331

Senator David Curtis: / 919 715-3038

Senator Rick Gunn: / 919 301-1446

Senator Fletcher / 919 733-7223

Senator Floyd McKissick: / 919 733-4599

Please copy Arts North Carolina on any response or communication you have with a Member by forwarding to

Call Arts North Carolina with questions at 919-834-1411.