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CALL TO ACTION: $0 from Senate- $1M from House- ACT NOW

Oh, for Kerr Scott’s sake . . . $0? Seriously?

The ghost of Terry Sanford is going to come back and haunt this state, we don’t start acting right.

Y’all know what to do. Sad to say, we’ve gotten a lot of practice at it, these last several years. Call and write your state senators and representatives—you can find their contact info here—and remind them how much the arts mean to this state—our economy, our culture, our quality of life. Remind them that we are the Writingest State, and plan to be for a long time to come, and sure would appreciate their help along the way.

—Ed Southern, Executive Director, North Carolina Writers’ Network

From our friends at ARTS North Carolina:

The NC Senate announced its budget recommendations which included NO additional funds for NC Arts Council grants and NO Arts High School Graduation Requirement. Now the Budget moves to a Conference Committee where the House and Senate will work out their differences. Now is the time to call or email your NC Senator and House Representative, especially if they are one of the Key Legislators listed below.

Key Legislators in the Budget Process:

NC House of Representatives
Speaker Tim Moore – Cleveland
Representative Jason Saine – Lincoln
Representative Donny Lambeth – Forsyth
Representative Linda P. Johnson – Cabarrus

NC Senate
President Pro Tempore Phil Berger – Caswell, Rockingham, Stokes, Surry
Senator Harry Brown – Jones and Onslow
Senator Kathy Harrington – Gaston
Senator Brent Jackson – Duplin, Johnston and Sampson

The Ask:

  • Please include the NC House recommendation of $1,000,000 for NC Arts Council Grassroots Grants to be distributed to all 100 counties in North Carolina, preferably in recurring funds.
  • Please include at least $500,000 in increased funding for NC Arst Council General Grants programs which includes State Arts Resources Operational and Rural Touring grants, Veterans Arts, SmART Initiative, Education and Program Support grants, and much more.
  • Please include the Arts High School Graduation Requirement for one arts credit to be taken between 6th and 12th grades.

Educate Legislators about NC Arts Council Grants:

  • The NC Arts Council is the most effective, equitable and accountable way to distribute state funding to the arts, requiring a 1:1 funding match in all but the poorest counties and achieving 1:17 funding match overall
  • Grassroots Grants reach nearly 650 organizations in all 100 counties (include NCAC Grant Funding Totals from your County)
  • General Grants includes over 200 grants that have local, regional and statewide impact (include NCAC Grant Funding Totals from your County)
  • Arts Nonprofits support over 70,000 FTE Jobs
  • Arts Nonprofits have a $2.12 Billion economic impact in NC and generate $107M in state taxes and $95M in local taxes.
  • NC Arts Council Grants fund programs that encourage economic development, invest in communities, and support education

Educate Legislators about the Arts High School Graduation Requirement:

  • State Board of Education has over three years and ample flexibility to create the criteria and implementation plan that works best for NC schools and students
  • Almost all schools already provide arts education classes and the vast majority of students are already meeting this requirement so the cost would be minimal
  • Involvement in the arts has been proven to dramatically increase graduation rates and academic achievement, especially for the most economically challenged students
  • Creativity is considered the most important skill for employees by 72% of business leaders

Your Story:

Tell them how the arts impact you, impact your economy, impact your students, and impact your community. Share your story. It is the most powerful tool you have to persuade.


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