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CAPTCHA, and Why

imageI know, I know. We’re not the biggest fans either. But after a particularly grueling month where we’ve been bombarded with spam registrations, donations, and the like, we’ve gone ahead and added a CAPTCHA feature to our website’s payment processing pages.

This means whenever you purchase something on our website, whether you’re making a donation or registering for a conference, you’ll see something like the box to the right. Then you’ll be prompted to enter the letter/number combination before proceeding with your payment.

CAPTCHA just wants you to prove you’re a human, and not a robot intent on spreading his or her robot spam across the globe… or at least across North Carolina. It’s a necessary evil at this point, and we appreciate your being patient with it. The nice thing is, if you can’t read the first image displayed, you can change it until the program offers you one you can actually read.

So, thanks for taking this extra step. It protects us from spammers and the like, and lets us focus on offering you top-notch programming, instead of cleaning out false registrations from our queue.