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Creative Nonfiction Launches New Website

Creative Nonfiction launched a new website recently, their first in ten years. We’ve been paying special attention to this launch, because in some ways, the launch of Creative Nonfiction’s new site, and their growth over the past decade, mirrors our own—which is why we just wrapped up a beautifully successful fundraising campaign to revamp our own website, among other things.

First, check out the new Creative Nonficiton website here, at

The last time this esteemed literary journal redesigned their website, they only produced a print issue. But….

Over the years, we have gradually expanded with a book imprint, an education program offering online courses and webinars, and another magazine, pocket-size, called True Story—plus our Sunday Short Reads, our conferences, and other activities and opportunities for both readers and writers.

It was a struggle to fit all of these new programs on our old website. Happily, the new website not only integrates and beautifully displays what we do and offer, but provides a real payload to our readers and subscribers.

Sound familiar?

Creative Nonfiction began more than 25 years ago with the first quarterly journal devoted exclusively to creative nonfiction writing, and it continues to set the standard for the genre.

The last time NCWN revamped our website, we did not offer any online classes, much less entire online conferences. We only offered 2/3 of the contests we do now. We had no video or audio archive of past readings, keynote addresses, classes, and more. There was no Prisoner’s Writers Outreach; there was no Instagram; there was no extensive online resource to help our members navigate the business of books.

Because of your generosity, we now have the financial means to build a website that can better deliver these programs and help us accommodate future growth. We’re already working on making it a reality.

So, what do you like about Creative Nonfiction’s new website? What features would you like to see on ours?