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NCWN Contest Season – Best Submission Practices

By Deonna Kelli Sayed

Congrats on submitting to an NCWN contest! We are in the throes of contest season. Here are a few best practices for those new to submitting.

  • Submittable is the online submission hub for our contests. Anyone who submits online needs to create a free Submittable account. (Once you’re there, you have access to thousands of submission opportunities beyond Network-affiliated contests.) Here’s the Network’s Submittable tab.
  • Remember: Do not use your NCWN log-in for Submittable. You must create a separate Submittable account.
  • Please familiarize yourself with Submittable before you submit. If a contest closes on a Friday, or over a weekend or holiday, staff won’t be available to troubleshoot any last-minute issues. We are always available to answer questions and assist during business hours.
  • On Submittable, there is submission tab for members and another for non-members. Please submit based on your membership status. Submittable won’t know who is or isn’t a member; Network staff verifies that information.
  • For those who prefer snail mail, you can submit via mail to North Carolina Writers’ Network’s PO Box. Please be mindful of manuscript formatting requirements and contest deadlines — and the finicky nature of our postal system.
  • Take extra time to proofread your final draft so you’re submitting your best work.

Good luck with your writing and submitting. Thank you for being part of North Carolina’s literary community.