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When Books Are a Lifestyle Choice: C&R Press

Books are dead–long live books!

So runs the credo (more or less) of C&R Press. Founded in 2006, this indie publisher is “committed to publishing books from new and emerging poets whose work might otherwise be ignored by commercial publishers.” To those ends, C&R Press publishes fiction, short stories, poetry, essays, memoir, and mixed genre.

Forthcoming titles include the novels Sybal Baker’s While You Were Gone and Steve Mitchell’s Cloud Diary; CREDO: An Anthology Of Manifestos and Sourcebook for Creative Writing with contributions from Rita Banerjee and Robert Pinsky, among many others; and poetry collections from Kristina Marie Darling and Martin Ott. They also publish chapbooks.

So what does C&R stand for? “Conscious & Responsible.” Which in practice means they want to be “fair to authors and always bring well written and truly diverse literature to as many people as possible as [they] can.”

It also means being part of a the literary community. Their calendar is packed with book events from New York to Tampa to Greensboro. And it means trying to partner with eco-friendly printers to minimize the environmental impact of the books they publish and advocating for literacy.

C&R Press is currently open for submissions in all the above genres, through June. They encourage “female, minority, LGBT, immigrant, progressive, and submerged voices to submit.”

Fair warning: it’s $25 to submit. But according to the website, “The funds created by the reading period go toward one goal: the creation of author-friendly contract models and opportunities to market and promote essential literature.”

Learn more at or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.