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Did I Mention Peace College is Air-Conditioned?

That’s right – if you come to the 2010 Squire Summer Writing Residency, not only do you get to spend a weekend learning, working, and socializing with other talented and dedicated writers from across the state (and beyond), but you get to do so in air-conditioned comfort.  The Residency’s registration deadline is Monday, so sign up now by visiting or by calling 336.293.8844.

In other news of interest (though I realize that, today, nothing is more interesting than air conditioning), the Charlotte Observer reports that Charlotte’s arts groups have survived the recession largely by cutting expenses.  Funny how that works.

On a less obvious note, today’s Shelf Awareness linked to a PC World article about a study that found that reading a good old-fashioned printed book is faster than reading a fancy new e-reader device.

Finally, I visited friends in the mountains on Monday, and one of them was reading the novel Bright Leaf by Foster Fitz-Simons.  I’m sad and ashamed to admit that I had never heard of this book, but I look forward to finding a copy and seeing what I’ve missed.  Can anyone give me a reader’s report, and tell me what they think of this novel?