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Fall Conference Exhibitors: Part 3

For the past two weeks, we’ve been rolling out introductions for the exhibitors who’ll join us for the North Carolina Writers’ Network 2016 Fall Conference, November 4-6, in Raleigh.

If you missed part 1 or part 2, follow the links!

Here’s who else will be there:

Prospective Press is an avid independent publisher, connecting readers to great stories by great authors. They produce books in the traditional way, a commitment to quality and a keen interest for compelling content. However, they also keep an eye to the future, watching for ways to make the reading experiences even more enjoyable and satisfying. From the Piedmont region of North Carolina, they bring a world of quality genre fiction and select nonfiction. Their nonfiction imprint connects readers with a nascent collection of enjoyable and informative books on select topics involving the body, mind, and spirit. Fiction includes High Fantasy and Urban Fantasy; Young Adult and Mythological; Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction; Paranormal and PNR; Women’s Fiction; and more. For a list of their authors, click here.

Time Treasures Books and Antiques is a longtime friend of the Network. This table is one you’ll just have to see what “treasures” owner Dan Zafren brings with him to Raleigh. Make sure to leave time for yourself to hunt around and spend some time chatting with Dan. He’s a bit of a treasure himself.

Christa Gala, TAF
Christa Gala, TAF

The Triangle Association of Freelancers is an informal but actively working organization of North Carolina-based freelance writers. Though informal, TAF maintains a professional attitude toward freelance writing. The organization’s approach has always been to write toward publication, and that writers should be paid appropriately for their work. A core philosophy within TAF is that writing is an ongoing educational experience. With that in mind, the organization has hosted an eclectic array of talented guest speakers at its monthly meetings, which happen on the last Wednesday of the month at Red Hot & Blue, 6615 Falls of Neuse Rd., in Raleigh. Dinner is at 5:30 pm, and the meeting begins at 7:00 pm. Newcomers welcome. Their website is

On Saturday of Fall Conference, at 11:00 am, four TAF members will lead the panel discussion, “Freelance Writing 101,” a ninety-minute panel discussion that provides a detailed introduction to nonfiction freelance writing, including topics such as how to break in as a freelancer, general vs. niche freelancing, national vs. regional freelancing, finding and developing marketable ideas, maintaining momentum, working with editors, and the additional opportunities available to established freelance writers. Moderator: Donald Vaughan. Panelists: Mark Cantrell, Christa Gala, and Corbie Hill.

Registration for the North Carolina Writers’ Network 2016 Fall Conference is open.

Please note, the deadline to reserve a hotel room at the discounted group rate is Friday, October 14.