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First Line Flash Mobs

This might be part of our next Fall Conference.

In the New Bern Sun Journal, columnist Martha Randolph Carr wants readers to organize:

“So, let’s create a few hundred Flash Mobs all over the country with people spontaneously reciting opening lines to their favorite books in a continual wave across the center of America’s shopping malls. We can even put them to music and include synchronized moves. Synchronization managed to make swimming seem more entertaining and people can do this without getting wet or nose plugs.

We’ll call them First Line Flash Mobs and they can be all thriller with everyone in trench coats or all romance and participants can wear feather boas or tween novels with a crowd in prom attire. The first lines don’t have to come from classics or even bestsellers but from favorites.”

You can read the entire column here.

In other news, the offices of the NC Writers’ Network will be closed from this Friday, December 24, until Monday, January 3.  Happy Holidays from the staff and board of the Network, and see you next year.