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Flycatcher: A Journal of Native Imagination

A new literary journal made its debut this month: Flycatcher: A Journal of Native Imagination. According to their website:

“Flycatcher does not necessarily aim to be a regional publication, though we do think of the southeastern United States as our literary ground. All our editors are either from or live in metropolitan Atlanta, and if we are going to try and send out roots, this is where we must start.”

At the very least, Issue 1 features plenty of southerners, including a poem by NCWN faculty member Rosemary Royston titled, “Deciduous.”

Also from the website:

(Flycatcher is) interested in publishing most any genre or art form that imaginatively explores place and that establishes, invokes, grapples with, or reaches for a sense of belonging to place. While traditional genre boundaries are quite important to us, we are also interested in work that stretches, destabilizes, or blends such boundaries. (“Form follows function,” as Frank Lloyd Wright put it.) We are also interested in publishing self-contained excerpts from longer works, whether fiction or nonfiction. Please see our “Submission Guidelines” tab for more information.

Check out the inaugural issue here.