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Five Star Publications, Inc.Are you a published author? Well, that makes you an expert on whatever it is you’ve chosen to write about, be it Civil War battles or Space Invaders.

And maybe you wouldn’t mind booking a few speaking engagements. After all, a public appearance can be a great way to share your knowledge and maybe even sell a few books.

But how will the media find you when they need a quote from your field of expertise? How will a venue, searching for a speaker of your ilk, know how to get in touch with you?

It might be a good idea to consider a membership at is the place where media professionals, meeting planners, and others find experts, authors, and spokespeople. Since 1999, this mutually beneficial service has simplified searches and shaped careers. is the go-to site for media members and planners who:

  • Need a last-minute quote
  • an engaging personality
  • a speaker familiar with a niche subject

And right now, is offering the first month of all membership levels to authors, experts, and speakers for FREE. According to the site, 36,000 potential clients visit That’s a lot of visibility for your book and brand.

The site is also currently spotlighting A&E profiles on their Facebook page and Twitter account for exposure to 6,300+ followers.

Five Star Publications, the parent company for, is a proud member of the National Federation of Press Women, Arizona Book Publishing Association, IBPA, and Arizona Authors Association.