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Get Out and Vote!

Last night I returned to North Carolina from a much-needed long weekend, and I’m back at my desk this morning.

I will, however, be out of the office again today for anywhere from thirty minutes to a few hours, as I hope all of you will be today, too – unless you voted early.

No matter who you plan to vote for, you better get out and vote.  This is a historic election for the entire country, but especially so for North Carolina.  As I drove home from the airport yesterday, I heard a report on NPR that said as many as 75 percent of our state’s registered voters could vote this year.  That’s extraordinary.

I wouldn’t normally encourage anyone to follow the crowd, but who wants to be part of the 25 percent who’s not going to vote this year?

I hope the lines are long.  I hope I have time to talk to my neighbors, to ask them what’s on their minds in this eventful year.  I hope I get some good stories out of this election day.