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Glint Literary Journal

There are no shortage of online literary journals. Some present their material just as a print publication would, as text against an otherwise blank page.

Others, such as North Carolina-based Glint Literary Journal, embrace the online medium as an opportunity to do as much with their material as a print magazine can—and much more.

One of the first things a visitor to Glint’s website notices are the photographs. Edgy, a bit other-worldly, there are many photographs, some in black and white, that seem to be shot in crumbling, urban environments or modern ruins. The home page offers a photograph of a street-sign: Puragory Road and Paradise Avenue. One gets the sense, entering the current issue, that this is a literary rag concerned with questions of nuance and strangeness, which sees itself as existing on the edge, the border between what we know and what might be possible.

Glint publishes poetry, short fiction, hybrid genre, creative nonfiction, book reviews, visual art, and multimedia creations (such as visual poetry collaborations):

Glint Literary Journal celebrates innovation in style and voice…. We also appreciate aesthetic endeavors that straddle boundaries between genres. Glint is especially invested in publishing work by and about persons of diverse cultural backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, nationalities, classes, and religions.

What’s a hybrid genre? At least for Issue 7 (Fall, 2016), work published under “Hybrd Genre” present as brief prose poems or flash pieces that also might combine elements of poetry, creative nonfiction, and poetry. The current issue also offers poetry by Kryssa Schemmerling, fiction by Jevin Lee Albuquerque; memoir by Anthony Green; and much, much more.

Those interested in submitting should send no more than six poems or twenty-five pages of prose at a time. Visual artists may submit up to six images. Glint recently closed their open submission period, so be sure to check back around the first of the year.

Read the current issues, and dig through the archive, at They are also on Facebook.