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Go Here! Go Now!

Personally, I find it hard to believe that we’re already in the second half of June, but it’s harder to argue with the calendar.  That means we’re rapidly approaching the registration deadline for the 2010 Squire Summer Writing Residency.  Don’t forget that the Residency is the only Network get-together with a cap on registrants, and these workshops are filling up fast.  You can register for the Residency online at or by calling either 336.293.8844 or 919.251.9140.

While you’re on the Network’s Web site, please be sure to check out the latest Writing the New South post, Scott Owens’s poem “Debating Human Nature at the Petro Express a Week After Ike.” It’s about . . . um, debating human nature at a Petro Express gas station a week after Hurrican Ike blew through and caused widespread gas shortages throughout the Southeast, and especially in western North Carolina.

And while you’re thinking about western North Carolina – or even human nature – you should visit Rob Neufeld’s “ning” community, The Read on WNC.  It’s an online community celebrating writers and writing in western North Carolina, but even us flatlanders are welcome to join the many discussions.