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“In memory of a departed friend . . .”

The Network is sorry to have to share the sad news of the passing of Raven Chiong, the Regional Rep for Clay County. We can offer no finer memorial to her than that written by NCWN-West Program Coordinator Glenda Beall for the NCWN-West blog:

“All who knew Raven are saddened by her death on Monday night, Dec. 11, 2023. She was a writer, a poet, but she was so much more. After she was diagnosed with cancer in February of this year, she said she hoped she could birth her book before her life ended. We are grateful her book was published, Ode to the Still Small Voice: A Memoir of Listening, and now we have it to read as we remember this dear and special person who touched so many lives.”

Read Glenda’s full post here.