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Introducing Kazabo

Kazabo is looking for a few good authors….

The publishing industry has undergone substantive change over the past decade-plus. Traditional publishers have had to adjust their business models to keep up with the demand for e-books and fight piracy (not to mention Amazon’s price-slashing approach to bookselling). But sometimes, from chaos comes innovation.

Kazabo is a “new” kind of start-up publisher. They ask for no money from their authors; instead, they put every author on the same program. After undergoing a “rigorous” editorial process, authors are published first as e-books. Then, as sales pick up, additional formats and markets are considered on a title-by-title basis. For more information about their emerging writer program, click here.

Other components of the Kazabo program include publishing new authors under the “imprint” of an established author. If, say, Kazabo gets a submission from an author they like, they’ll send that submission to one of their already established authors for editing and marketing help. Established authors with their own Kazabo imprint receive up to a 15 percent kickback on all the titles they help sell for other authors. For more information, click here.

Kazabo is upfront about the fact that the vast majority of new authors who submit will not make the cut. But there is something in it for them, too. If a book is not selected for publication, that author still receives the five reviews that were done of the book. He or she will know that five of their fellow authors read the book, thought about the book and provided detailed, written feedback.

They’re looking for editors too.

For more information, and to submit, visit