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Introducing Writers and

Money may be “only a tool,” as Ayn Rand once said, but for independent writers and filmmakers, cold hard cash is often the thing standing between their movie idea and the movie actually being produced one day.

Enter, a new web-based company dedicated to the belief that the “filmmaking and writing community can decide on our own what is good…and what to fund!”

Writers and believes we are living in the golden age of filmmaking. The talent is strong, the drive is visible, the passion is overflowing! Everyone wants to make a film that will blow the audience away—and Writers and wants to help. They want to empower those filmmakers and writers who are unable to raise funds simply because they are not connected.

Through two contests—one for feature-length films, and one for short films—writers can win up to $20,000 and have their film shot, while filmmakers can win up to $50,000 and launch their movie career.

For more information, including a detailed FAQ, click here.

With only 1,000 applicants, total, per contest, divided between writers and filmmakers, the odds are actually pretty good—at least as far as these things go.

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