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It’s Too Hot to Set Your Pants on Fire

The following is a message from author Virginia Holman, who will lead the creative nonfiction workshop at the 2011 Squire Summer Writing Residency, July 14 – 17 in New Bern:

“Writing and reading are both solitary endeavors.  So why take a writing class?

Because writers often feel too isolated.

The Squire Summer Writing Residency brings together a community of working writers for an intense weekend of discussion and fun.  When writers come together like this, I find that it generates an energy that endures long after the workshop has ended.  I believe that my role as an instructor and workshop leader is not to teach you how to write, or tell you how you should write (that’s something each of us must do alone).  Instead, I aim to foster a classroom environment where we can be generous helpmates to one another through thoughtful critique; to create an environment where we can explore and play with craft through exercises and experimentation; to help you identify your obsessions; and to clarify your intent.  Workshop participants should expect to leave with raw material for new nonfiction, useful critical commentary on work submitted, and perhaps some new friends and colleagues.”

If you have not already done so, please register for this year’s Squire Summer Writing Residency at  The registration deadline is July 1.

We look forward to seeing you in New Bern.