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A Last-Minute Gift for that Book Lover on Your List

Kazabo, a newish kind of start-up publisher that we highlighted here on our blog back in 2016, is offering an interesting gift option if you just don’t know what to get that book-lover on your holiday list:

In honor of our grand opening celebration—and Christmas!—Kazabo Publishing has launched The idea behind is simple: Send your friends an ecard with an actual gift—one of our new books—attached. To celebrate our grand opening, everything, including the gift, is free.

The book we are offering (for free!) is called A Touch of Classics. This is a collection of stories by Saki (H.H. Munro), Italo Svevo, Grazia Deledda, Luigi Capuana, Balduin Groller, and Matilde Serao. With the exception of the Saki stories, these stories have never been available in English before. So this isn’t just a great way to send your friends holiday gifts, it’s also a literary event!

For more information—and to send your free gifts—visit