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Learn How to Pitch, Persuade, and Sell

Stephanie Palmer

Some call it the “Elevator Pitch”. Say you find yourself on an elevator with a power-agent. The agent asks what your unpublished book is about. Well, you have only thirty seconds—the length of an elevator ride—in which to convince that agent to take a look at your manuscript. What do you say? That’s the Elevator Pitch, and people who know how to work a room have mastered theirs.

A new website recently popped up on our radar screen: Good in a Room ( This is the website run by Stephanie Palmer, former Director of Creative Affairs for MGM Studios where she supervised the acquisition, development, and production of feature films. Some of her projects included 21, Legally Blonde, Be Cool, The Brothers Grimm, Agent Cody Banks, Agent Cody Banks 2, A Guy Thing, and Good Boy. She is also the author of the book, Good in a Room.

“Good in a Room” is a term used to describe professionals who pitch their ideas successfully to colleagues, clients, and decision-makers,” says her wesbite. “If you’re good in a room, you know just what to say and how to say it.”

And with over 8,000 readers and 2,100 followers on Twitter, plenty of people out there are using the resources found on Good in a Room to hone their Elevator Pitch, among other things.

Ms. Palmer maintains a must-read blog; offers an online workshop titled “Learn How to Pitch More Effectively”; maintains an opt-in mailing list; and offers consultation for writers. All of which are fantastic resources.

We recommend checking it out: Good in a Room (