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Let’s Thank Our State Government Reps

NC Arts CouncilFor the first time in what feels like a long time, the state budget signed earlier this month by the North Carolina governor sustained funding to the North Carolina Arts Council at current levels.

ARTS North Carolina is asking constituents to write a hard copy letter to your Senator and Representative at their Raleigh office:

Why a hard copy letter instead of an email? The intent is for your people to actually receive the note of thanks which is unlikely if it arrives as an email. First class, personalized communication has a far greater impact.

They suggest including the following ideas:

  • Visionary leaders make hard choices, and in choosing to preserve our state arts agency and its programs, they have chosen to help keep North Carolina the creative state. The direct and indirect results of their support of the arts will be felt in our economy, our schools, and in the lives of our citizens.
  • Share a specific program planned for next year that would not have occurred if state funding had been cut. Use data AND anecdote to illustrate your claim that public funding matters.
  • In supporting the arts in North Carolina, they have helped create a public/private partnership that benefits cities and towns across the state. Give a specific example of how public funding serves as a catalyst for private giving and earned revenue.
  • Give examples of jobs or contracts that will be possible because of the NCAC funding

In concluding, reinforce the theme of “pride in place” by positioning your relationship with the Legislator as a partnership because you share a passion for making your community a better place to live and work.

You can find the mailing address of your Senator and Legislator at If you are unsure of the specific person, first visit Who Represents Me at