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Ever Thought about Ghostwriting? Here’s Your Chance…

From our friends at LifeBook Limited:

LifeBook Limited is the world’s leading producer of private autobiographies, with hundreds of completed projects and constant new commissions from across the globe each day.

Our wholly owned US subsidiary, Private Autobiography Service, Inc. (based in Crown Point, Indiana), is looking for American ghostwriters to help us expand our LifeTime Private Autobiographyâ„¢ service in the USA.

Each private autobiography project is headed by a project manager, the first point of contact for the customer who appoints the rest of the project team. This team compromises of an interviewer, who visits the customer in their home to gather and record their stories; a ghostwriter, who is contracted to listen to the recorded interviews and use their skills to compose a cohesive, compelling narrative in the customer’s voice; and an in-house editor, who checks the ghostwriter’s work and provides feedback.

After approximately six months, the author will receive ten copies of their very own linen-bound, hand-sewn autobiography and a USB of audio highlights for the author’s family to enjoy hearing their loved one’s voice for years to come.

We want writers who are eager to progress in their career; who appreciate having paid writing experience and professional editorial feedback; and above all, we want wordsmiths who understand how rewarding it is to use our skills to create something that is meaningful and personal to other people.

All our ghostwriters have the opportunity to create real, lasting records of both family and world history. With nobility, diplomats, servicepeople, and revolutionaries all being former customers of ours, it’s important that our ghostwriters understand that what they write is “more than words.”

Please take a look at our website,, to see the beautiful books we produce and how much they mean to our customers. Then, if you’re as excited by our work as we are, please get in touch via our jobs site,, and tell us why you’re interested and what qualifies you to be a writer with us.