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Looking to Publish Your Book? Try This Resource

My Perfect Pitch LogoA new website has been demanding our attention recently:

Run by author Brian Grove (The Treasure Hunter’s Handbook, Little Brown), My Perfect Pitch “contains an unrivaled database of traditional book publishers who are currently accepting submissions from authors.”

More than just a long, rambling list of publishers, each link leads directly to the particular publisher’s submission page. Nearly 1,000 publishers are listed, covering all genres. There are no vanity presses and no self-publishing companies included, and the publishers are searchable by subject matter or location. The site is also 100 percent free.

Frankly, it’s an impressive resource. Grove even offers his two cents on everything from “How to Write a Book” to “The 5 Most Common Submission Mistakes,” so the site offers real content too through articles and upated links.

Check it out.