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Publish is the New Post: Library Partners Press

“E-books are a lot like the internet,” says Bill Kane, Chair of Library Partners Press. “They change a lot…We all are so old now that orange is the new black is the new pink is the new black, if you follow me.”

For the editors at Library Partners Press, housed at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, many new syllogisms apply in this Brave New World of ours.

A dollar, for example, is the new free. Streaming is the new download. And perhaps most importantly, digital publishing is the new publishing.

Library Partners Press publishes “niche” nonfiction in both electronic and print-on-demand formats. LP Press is a cooperative program established by Wake Forest University, ZSR Library, and Digital Publishing @ Wake, for the purpose of collecting, publishing, and delivering content created by library patrons everywhere.

Recent titles include Five for Your First Five: Own Your Career and Life after College by Allison E. McWilliams; Mysterious Moments: Thoughts that Transform Grief by Jane Williams; and Trans / Active: a Biography of Gwendolyn Ann Smith by Sophia Cecelia Leveque.

LPP is currently accepting submissions for their first virtual Writer-in-Residence, through May 30. Residencies are intended to assist in the completion of a work-in-progress manuscript and its publication with Library Partners Press. Library Partners Press will arrange for the writers’ time, space, and facilities for research, experimentation, and production resulting in the publication of the Awardees’ manuscripts by the end of the (probably mostly virtual) residency. Writers are at liberty to structure their own time and activity throughout the residency, but are encouraged to engage with the librarians and staff and activities at Library Partners Press, either in person, or remotely.

Library Partners Press is now open for submissions, through May 30.

They especially seek content in the following nonfiction and creative nonfiction categories:

  • Biography (incl. autobiography, memoir)
  • Essays (including creative non-fiction, humor, narratives, lists, etc.)
  • History
  • Journalism / Reporting / Politics
  • Open Access (really probably anything here)
  • Reference / Textbook
  • and maybe some YA

LPP accepts query proposals through an online form found on their website. Authors may also submit full manuscripts for a not-insignificant fee of $99 per book.

Follow them on Twitter or visit their website,

After all, collaborate is the new control.