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Lune Spark Young Writers’ Short Story Writing Contest

Lune Spark Books, a publisher of books and animation for middle grade and younger, seeks nominations from writers, bloggers, and media persons to judge the 2018 Lune Spark Young Writers’ Short Story Writing Contest!

In the spirit of giving back to the community, Lune Spark Books runs a yearly Short Story Contest for children in two age ranges: 10-13 years and 13-16 years, and publishes the top twenty to twenty-five stories from the contest. Members of the North Carolina Writers’ Network are encouraged to nominate themselves to serve as judges.

What you will get:

  • Association with the good cause of encouraging young writers to write fiction.
  • Exposure on our website/ social sites and you will be featured in various promotions. Our contest appears in a large number of searches on the web.
  • Credit in the book that will contain top stories from 2018 contest.

The 2018 contest has a deadline of April 22 for story submissions. The total reading a judge would need to do would not exceed 150 pages of a typical novel.

More details can be found on the link below. If you are passionate about helping young writers, please submit the simple form below and Lune Spark Books will get back to you:

Please apply by March 2.