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A Thank You to a U.S. Congressperson

By Ed Southern

Recently, the Network found itself in need of some assistance dealing with a particular federal agency (whose initials rhyme with a conversation one might have with a pirate: “Hi.” “Arrr.” “Yes?”). After our attempts to help ourselves went nowhere, I reached out to the office of my United States congressperson, Representative Kathy Manning.

The staff at Rep. Manning’s Greensboro office was responsive, reassuring, and professional. They alleviated my worries and got the problem straightened out promptly.

I wanted to use this public space to thank Rep. Manning and her staff for their excellent constituent service, and to remind all NCWN members that our elected officials work for us.

As writers, you should be good with words: Use them to contact your representatives and others we elect to office, not only to advocate for the issues you care about, but to be an advocate for you with your local, state, or federal government.


If you should ever need or want to contact your government representative(s), you can search for them and pull up a complete contact list by entering your address on this site.