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Give Yourself the Gift of a Manuscript Critique

Have a manuscript you believe in, but it’s not quite there yet? Need help shaping up your work? Want to avoid stereotypes and clichés that make your characters less-than-complex?

Our Critique Service and Representation Reads are perks of being a member of the Network. Take advantage of getting invaluable feedback at below-market rates from our diverse, reliable, and well-qualified critiquers.

Here’s a sampling of what members who’ve used our Critique Service say: 

Critique Service

“It was unbelievably helpful…well worth the price. You have a very satisfied member.” (NCWN member Reid Wilson)

“I’ve never been edited as thoroughly and with as much consideration…I found [my] critique to be spot-on: demanding more from me as a writer, while also engaging with the story so completely that I felt like [my critiquer] was really invested in its eventual success. That’s the very definition of a great editor, isn’t it?” (Anonymous NCWN member)

“I count myself fortunate to be an NCWN member, and doubly fortunate to have had [my critiquer] edit and critique my first manuscript. [Her] skillful and comprehensive edit, along with her strategic, cogent, and challenging but instructive criticism enabled me to say what I wanted to say—well beyond the writing in my original draft. She is a true writing coach contributing positively to every detail of composition.”  (NCWN Member Joe Mann-Stadt)

“[My critiquer] framed the feedback in a way that left me inspired to improve my novel. She provided excellent overall critiques and within the manuscript highlighted specific things I’d done well and need to do more often as well as repeated errors that I need to be aware of. I’m very pleased with the cost and quality of editing through the NC Writers’ Network. Thank you all for providing this service.” (NCWN member Heather Brewer)

Join the ranks of these satisfied writers. Make your novel, poetry collection, or book of essays as good as it can be. 

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