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Meet Reedsy

retro157If you’re considering self-publishing your next book, you might consider exploring Reedsy, a London company with big plans to revolutionize the publishing industry by using technological innovation to craft better books.

Reedsy offers many of the same “full service” publishing options as other companies, including editorial help, design work, and marketing/publicity. They carefully curate their list of more than 300 freelance publishing professionals (they claim to accept only the top 1 percent of applicants), and their easy-to-use website makes assembling a production team simple by allowing authors to browse freelancer profiles, submit their project summary (“brief”), and compare quotes for free. Authors can then instantly begin collaborating on their next project through Reedsy’s proprietary online software.

Forbes magazine had this to say:

Every author, no matter how many books they may have sold has experienced the same sinking feeling when the manuscript they have worked on for months, if not years, is returned by a publisher with a polite rejection note. “Maybe rewrite chapters 1 through 15 and try again?” It’s a curiously old fashioned way of doing things and one that is increasingly easy for authors to bypass thanks to a site like Reedsy.

Reedsy was the 2015 Futurebook Award Winner “BookTech Company of the Year.”

The Reedsy website also offers a blog and writing prompts to get blocked authors writing again. Check out their website at