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Meet the Voice Behind Lady Banks

Some of you may be familiar with the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance weekly e-newsletter Lady Banks’ Commonplace Book and its charming and irresistible editor/contributor Lady Banks.

But have you ever wondered who Lady Banks actually is? Well it’s none other than the Network’s very own Trustee, Nicki Leone!

Along with serving as the web administrator and newsletter editor for SIBA, Nicki helps the Network in countless and immeasurable ways. She serves as our Systems Administrator and Wise Advisor for All Things Technical; she bails out our Communications Director when he runs into sticky coding issues. More than that, she is a steady voice of reason at board meetings and one of the biggest champions of the North Carolina Writers’ Network anywhere.

Robert Gray interviews Nicki about what it takes to channel Lady Banks in today’s Shelf Awareness. Check it out!

(We feel like proud parents.)